Candle holder with a smell of orange peel

 Candle holder with a smell of orange peel

For the preparation of New Year’s Eve, you can make fragrant candle holders with your children at home. You can give them to your guests as small gifts or use them in the decoration of your own home. If you have a baby at home, scented candles, air fresheners can disturb him and cause respiratory allergies. Orange scented candle holders give a natural smell to your home. It is also very easy to make. The materials you need;

  • Orange
  • Short six metal floating candles
  • Metal spoon, knife
  • Dry cloves to decorate

Parental supervision is required as a knife will be used. Carnations can also sink into children’s fingers, so it is appropriate for children over 6 years of age to do so with adult supervision.

Candle holders that smell of orange peel

First, take an orange and divide it into two equal parts. Then with a knife, separate the inside from the shell from one edge. You can do more with the help of a spoon. The membrane of the orange will easily come off after it leaves the peel. If you have squeezed orange juice and the peel is not damaged, you can also use those peels.

Now it’s time to drill a shaped hole in the top part of the hollow orange peel. If you have a metal cookie mold at home, make a round hole in the crown with it or with a knife. For easy cutting, you can place the part where you will drill holes on the countertop and cut it round or star-shaped from the inside.

Now you can decorate the perimeter of the place where you cut it into a circle by attaching cloves. Be careful that when pressing the cloves can sink a little fingers. It may be easier to attach the cloves by making a small incision with a knife. If you grate a small amount of orange peel in it, it will smell more.

Yesttt… Your candle holder is ready. Inside the lower part place horizontal candles with a metal underlay. Close the candle and place the top over the other. Your smelly candle holder is now ready.