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How to plan a treasure hunt for children?

 How to plan a treasure hunt for children?

Fish skewers for children 1 year and later
Fish skewers for children 1 year and later

When he says ‘treasure’, all the children become curious and suddenly their eyes open! Therefore; Planning a treasure hunt can be sure to be worth the time and energy you spend. Kids love to go out and wander, discover new things, and be result-oriented. Then let’s tell you what to do right away!

How to play treasure hunt?

1.Choose a location for your treasure hunt

Before you start thinking about treasure hunting tips and prizes for children, you need to know how many children will participate in the hunt and their age. This makes it easier to choose a suitable place for the game to be played.

You may want to consider conducting your treasure hunt in the following locations:

At home: You can arrange simple treasure hunts for a few small children in your home. It is one of the most beautiful activities to do, especially if the weather is rainy.

Garden or park: If you are going to be crowded, it will be a good option for children to work in teams. The house may be a bit confined.

2. Choose a theme

If you’re organizing a treasure hunt to have fun at a birthday party, match your theme to the party’s theme. For example, a pirate-themed party would be great.

Treasure hunt theme ideas:

Pirate: ‘Gold coins’ of chocolate and necklaces of sugar can be a treasure trove of credible pirates.

Detective: A robber broke into the safe and stole some precious jewels! The prize can be a slice of cake. It can be a cake made with decorations that resemble precious stones for an extra realistic touch. Kids must find clues to solve the mystery and find out where the thief hid the jewels.

Alien: A group of extraterrestrial creatures landed on Earth and left treasures in different spots. Players must find the location of the spaceship and the reward that awaits them.

3. Decide where to store your treasure and work backwards

Every child wants to be the winner or the team. Therefore, have another reward in your hand to appease the children who will come second. Decide where to hide the treasure and then design clues away from that place. It’s easier to plan backwards when drawing the map.

4. Create treasure hunting tips

If you have difficulty drawing maps, there are ready-made templates on the internet. All you have to do is fill them in. In the meantime, as you put together your tips, remember that children will get bored when they are very difficult. Be careful not to overly complicated.

5. Do one last study

Before you start searching for treasure, look at all the clues that are where you left off and see if they lead each other in the right way. Even double-check. If you think the situation is complicated, reduce the number of tips.