What you need to know before you decide on a second child

 What you need to know before you decide on a second child

What you need to know before you decide on a second child
What you need to know before you decide on a second child

If you think that when you decide on the second child, everything will be the same as in the first child, you are wrong. The second child can give you a very different experience.

When pregnant, the uterus expands by 500 times and returns to its former state after birth. This natural process can be enjoyable and challenging. Although you feel experienced for the second child, different situations may be waiting for you. Here are some things you need to know before you get pregnant with a second child…

The second child may feel more exhausting

While you may feel energetic in your first pregnancy, you may feel more tired in your second pregnancy. Because when you are pregnant with the second child and after you are born, you will also need to take care of your first child.

The mode of birth may change

Although you are more experienced and prepared to give birth after the first baby, the course of birth may change in the second baby. The first birth is normal and the second child can be born by cesarean section. In fact, the pregnancy process may vary depending on your age and health status.

A mother who has never experienced nausea in her first pregnancy may experience this problem in the second. On the contrary, a mother whose first pregnancy has been difficult may not have problems in the second. While the reluctance to eat is seen in the first pregnancy, craving may be more common in the second pregnancy. Depending on this, you may gain more weight.

The belly may appear earlier and be below

In your first pregnancy, your belly will appear later. So much so that some women’s belly can start to appear in the 6th month. In the second pregnancy, your belly may start to become apparent earlier. The reason why the abdomen is more pronounced in the second baby is that the abdominal muscles relax due to the first pregnancy. After the first baby, there is a weakening of the abdominal and pelvic muscles. Therefore, your belly may be lower in the second pregnancy. This can lead to muscle pain and pressure in the pelvic area.

The second child may be more mobile

When your first child is born, he is usually in contact with adults because there is no one close to his age at home. But for the second child, there is another child at home that he can look up to and communicate with, and this can encourage the younger one to try to keep up with the grown-up. Mobility in the house will be one to two. You may also have a hard time with discipline when raising your children.

Pay attention to family communication!

If there are serious problems and disagreements between you and your partner, the second child may affect the process more negatively. The second child means an increase in the responsibility of the mother and father, and if you have a relationship that is already not going well, this increase in responsibility can wear down the couples financially and spiritually. It can increase conflicts. In order not to experience such a situation, it may be necessary to think well and get psychological support if necessary.