You can control the problems of the two ages

 You can control the problems of the two ages

You can control the problems of the two ages

Two-year-olds differ in their great motor skills, intellectual, social, and emotional development. Also, children this age can understand a lot of speech, even though they can’t express it. Two years of age is a transitional period for both the family and the child. In this period, while the child’s dependence on the mother continues, he also tries to break away from her. Objecting to everything and using the word “no” becomes its most important feature. During this period, when children do not have what they want, they can cries, throw themselves on the ground. Sometimes in this period, hitting the head on the floor or the wall, resisting until the request is made, crying is seen. This condition is called “fathers-holding, two-year-old syndrome” in other words, “terrible twos”.

There are families who think of this as a “nervous breakdown” and worry that their child has a very important disease. We need to know and control these behaviors, which are called the two-year-old syndrome specific to the developmental period. Or it could really be a problem. Children are eager to do things on their own during this period, but they begin to discover that they are expected to follow certain rules. This difficulty of normal development can lead to inappropriate behavior, frustration, out-of-control emotions, and tantrums.

What needs to be done; to prevent the child from harming himself without overreacting, without being stubborn with the child, but not to fulfill what he wants because of this behavior. Because the child who learns to make his wishes do in this way continues this behavior. Try to stay calm. Try to divert your child’s attention to something else. If you can’t distract your child, ignoring him or her is also an option. If you’re in a crowded environment, put your child aside without arguing or fussing and wait for him to calm down. To avoid such situations, try to avoid strenuous situations such as going shopping at your child’s bedtime and praise your child for their correct behavior.

The struggle can continue in food!

One of the areas of struggle between mother and baby is food. Against the baby who wants to put her hand in the food, use the spoon herself, play with food, there is a mother who wants her stomach to be full as soon as possible, who is worried about the dirt of the situation, who thinks that the child is not satisfied when she does not feed herself and does not eat as much as she wants. This war causes the relationship between mother and baby to become strained and the meal time turns into a time of acceptance of superiority. However, by allowing the baby, the meal time can be made enjoyable.

What can be done to cope with two-year-old syndrome?

In this period, if he is allowed to do whatever he wants, the baby’s socialization is prevented. The foundations of an aggressive person who tries to do whatever he wants, who knows no rules, who thinks that only his own wishes will be done, are laid. On the contrary, if the mother exaggerates excessive pressure, exaggerates the setting and enforcement of rules and establishes excessive authority so that the child can only behave as he or she wishes, then the child develops an overly docile, obsessive, overly meticulous personality, which leads to problems in the future. In this period, toys that make noise and towers that collapse are the most valuable games. It is also healthy for the development of occasional soil, clay, playing with dough and allowing it to get dirty. In the name of protecting the child, it is not necessary to eliminate everything, disturb the order of the house. It is not right to be overprotective because the child will be harmed or the child will harm someone.

It should not be forgotten that the child’s interest can easily be drawn to something else at this age, and instead of getting into unnecessary contentions, a more attractive object should be given or a more interesting action should be proposed. Thus, the child will both do what the mother wants and unnecessary stubbornness will not be entered. Similar disputes arise over the time and shape of sleep. Putting the child to sleep in his own room, at the appropriate time, by telling the tale will solve this problem.

To understand what can happen when we can’t do these things, we just have to look around us, watch adults who can’t control their anger, don’t know their limits, and aren’t satisfied despite getting what they want