Action Time Kids Game

Action Time Kids Game


Experts suggest that some of the activities to be done at home with children should be active games. Because such games accelerate the muscle development of children and allow them to be physically stronger. In addition, the children’s game called Movement Time is the right choice especially for 7 and 8 years old, because it supports mental development and improves bodily kinesthetic intelligence skills.

For this game you have to write various actions on tiny papers. For example; like walking, crawling, running, jumping, touching… Put the papers on which you wrote the actions in a basket and then ask your child to draw a piece of paper. Write down the action on the chosen paper or leave the scene to your child. With this activity, your child will also develop physical flexibility and body recognition skills.

motion time kinesthetic intelligence game

It is normal for children who start primary school at the age of 7 to turn into fish out of water, even for a short time. Although it is normal, many parents express that they do not want to experience such a thing. One of the most logical solutions to try at this stage is to examine the 7-8 age group activity suggestions thoroughly and apply what we deem appropriate. Thus, you will both facilitate the process of getting used to school for children aged 7-8 and provide them with a fun learning experience.