Knowledge competition

Knowledge competition

  1. quiz for kids

    Perhaps the most informative of the activities that can be done at home with children can be quizzes that we all love. There is only one important point you should pay attention to: You should not offend your child with difficult questions. Take your age and level into account when preparing the questions. Activities that can be done at home can be a quiz for 4 years old, but the questions should also be suitable for 4 years old.

    Especially do not make mistakes such as asking very simple questions, because then he will not be able to experience the pleasure and difficulty of answering correctly. After thinking for a short time, preparing questions that he can answer will help him to taste the feeling of success. Instead of just asking knowledge questions, you can also ask questions such as:

    • How does a lion make a sound?
    • What color are the trees?
    • How does chocolate smell?