Potato Press Event


Potato Press Event

potato print 4 year old kid game

Just like the bean-growing farmer boy event, potato printing is among the unforgettable events. This type of preschool activities, which develop children’s fine motor skills, visualization and imagination skills, also support the development of color recognition and self-expression skills. Well, do you remember how it was done? Let’s explain briefly.

Cut 1 medium potato in half. With the help of felt-tip pen, make drawings on the inside of the potatoes as you want. With a knife, make tiny deep scrapes on the tops of your drawings. Finally, leave the stage to your child. Let him dip his brush in the watercolor and cover the potato with paint. Then print the potato on any blank sheet of paper. Here are his surrealist paintings.

Caution: You need a knife for this activity, but never let children do the steps that require a knife, and keep the knife in an accessible place by getting immersed in the activity.