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Preschool Art Activities: Color Basket


Preschool Art Activities: Color Basket

color basket kindergarten activity

Does your child know colors? If he doesn’t know, he will learn quickly with this kids game . First, prepare a basket. Instead of a basket, it can be any object that can be put into it.

  1. Mark a boundary line on the ground and place the basket 1.5 meters from that line.
  2. Make 10 balls from socks or paper.
  3. Ask your child to find items of the color you have determined and the number of items you have determined. For example, find 3 yellow or 2 blue items.
  4. When you complete all the items, go to the border line.
  5. Try to throw the balls you made out of socks or paper into the basket in order.
  6. You can reward him when he manages to throw all the balls into the basket.

If you say “My child knows colors”, don’t worry because this game is one of the most customizable kindergarten activities. Instead of color, you can use numbers or another value proposition. For example, you can ask him to find 3 items whose names start with “a”. It is entirely up to your imagination to tailor it to your child’s interests.