City life and apartment life have alienated our children as well as adults. City life, which offers a brutal and busy life, caused stress to occur at younger ages.

While we grew up in the fields, playing with the soil to the fullest, today’s children are growing up in glass lanterns wrapped in cotton. Modern society has driven both adults and children away from the land, creating a complete consumer society.

The new generation’s ignorance of production and their lack of involvement with the soil both led to malnutrition in ready-to-eat food consumption, and indeed, children were condemned to live a life unaware of the development process of the products that came to their table.

The physical and spiritual development of the child playing with the soil always progresses faster. Social life undoubtedly has a very important place in the development of children. Considering that social communication skills are of great importance in the pre-school period, peer communication of children who are left alone with nature in their social lives will undoubtedly be at an advanced level.

The self-confidence of the child, who runs freely in nature, examines the trees and insects around him, also develops. The child is both happy when he sees that he can do something and discovers, and creates an environment that will release his energy. For children and generations who do not have to adapt to the rigidity of modern life, contact with air, soil, water, mud and animals gains a very important dimension.

Isn’t the free life offered in natural environments a therapy method offered by nature for all of us? As Very Important Children Kindergarten, we are aware that children should not lead a rigid life in the busy work life of our parents. For this reason, we are aware of the fact that it is essential to bring our children together with nature and include them in study trips, to raise them as a part of production with the soil, as the administrators and teachers of Very Important Children’s Kindergarten, to move away from the consumer society and to develop our children as a part of the production society. Every awareness we provide to our future generations in these years, when modern life is in front of us with all its rigidity, will bring a brand new perspective to our world and our future.

Very Important Children, an educational organization, devotes a great deal of time to AGRICULTURE ACTIVITIES both for the continuity of the producing generation and for the fully supported development of our preschool children in terms of social, physical and spiritual aspects.

Although our children encounter sunflowers that come out of their shells and are packaged in the market, when they are included in the Very Important Children family, they personally witness all the production stages of the seed and contribute to their unlimited brain development with the happiness and excitement of eating sunflower seeds.

A child’s conscience development, love for animals is one of the most meaningful stances in this life and an emotional satisfaction that will last a lifetime for a child who says, “Let’s not pluck all the sunflowers, teacher, let’s divide a few into birds”.

We are proud of raising generations who are aware of production, while not consuming anything unnecessary and unnecessary by saying “Less is enough for you”. As Very Important Children, we will continue to transfer all our traditional and cultural values ​​to our future offspring throughout our lives.

With love…


Math teacher

Founding Manager of Very Important Children