Virtual Autism Spreads in Children

 Studies in Europe and the United States have shown that tablets, televisions and phones are the cause of  increasing Virtual Autism in modern children . The well- known Russian pediatrician Komarovsky mentioned in his blog;

“Keep children under 2 years away from phones and tablets.”

Children aged 3-6 should not spend more than 1-2 hours a day in virtual reality. Only children after the age of 6 are allowed to watch programs on electronic devices.

According to a study conducted by the Romanian Center for Autistic Children, 90% of children develop autism by the age of 2-3. Virtual autism develops in children who watch television and tablets for 4-5 hours a day .

virtual autism

Speaking about his research, psychologist Marius Zamfir said:

“In babies sitting in front of a screen for 4-5 hours a day, psychomotor and speech functions slow down. Every extra hour of screen time is one step closer to  severe mental retardation and autism. It is difficult to distinguish between classical autism and virtual autism: In both cases, the child has difficulty in adapting to the environment, looking at the same place, repeating the same words, playing games and repeating the words and actions of the characters in the cartoons he sees.

There is a difference: in classical autism there is a biological reality of neurological retardation, in the other there is a delay in neurodevelopment caused by virtual reality. In biological disorders, synapses are virtually non-renewable, and in virtual autism there is a chance to detach the child from virtuality over time and to reinstate it by stimulating neurons.”

According to the laws of nature , a child learns the meaning of words through objects , people’s actions, words and explanations. He must see his actions in the example of a living person. A child’s brain cannot develop properly without objects and human touch. The light and sound on the screen may attract the child’s attention, but do not affect their brain as they should.

Rapid changes create negative and painful emotions in the child, making him aggressive and uncontrollable. For this reason, it is necessary to keep babies under the age of 0-2 completely away from electronic devices and tools, and to raise them with nature, family, people and reality.