How Can One Be Creative?

The more happiness, the more difference, the more fun we want to add to our lives, the more creativity we add to life. We can start right after we wake up, we can be creative no matter what we do, until we lay our heads on the pillow to sleep again. Creativity is a part of us that we use in every moment of our childhood, shapes our games and enables us to explore the world. As we grow up, we often lose this aspect of ourselves. However, like a child who makes a toy horse from a piece of twig, the big life is our material, the big life is our canvas.

Creativity is surprising the mind that always uses the same ways. It is not the path that everyone tries, but to create your own path. Instead of applying a ready-made recipe, it is to find your own recipe, to try ways that no one has tried, to look around better, to observe, to find new ideas, to draw your own line instead of accepting what is presented to you. Creativity is smiling at those who say you can’t do it, and continuing to live, change, change and smile while they watch you. We cannot limit creativity to painting, sculpture and art. Do we have a limit in nature? The world is the product of an imagination that does not ignore the existence of an ant next to the elephant. Who can set limits to creativity? It contains a thousand and one color tones… For years, many painters have referred to nature; they have looked at nature as creatively as nature and reflected it in their works.

That’s why art gives us examples. Sees different ways of thinking; we experience the colors of the human soul. We are surprised and impressed. We learn to surprise and impress. Because we, ‘humans’, as the most mysterious beings in the world, as we discover ourselves, put our signature on our own lives like an artist’s signature on his work. We all create our own happiness, our own success, our own family, our own house, our own friends, and create our own life… I don’t mean seeing how we want to see it and believing in a lie, I mean literally putting real bricks into existence with your hands, beautiful thoughts and love. Our creativity is the most important aspect that we should not lose while growing up and walking on the path of life, it is unique to us and makes us as different as our fingerprints. That’s why every person and every child is born with art, an artist is born.

Gokce Kayak